Seamless & Decorative Floors

Seamless flooring is versatile and can be customized according to your preferences and desired style. It’s mainly used in commercial and industrial workplaces. It comes in a wide variety of colours and blends that you can choose from. This flooring system produces a visually appealing surface that is low maintenance and highly resistant to slips. It can also make spaces look a lot bigger than they actually are.

Where Seamless and Decorative Floors Can Be Used

  1. Aerospace – battery rooms, control rooms, labs, hangars, service bays
  2. Auto Dealerships & Repair – offices, lobbies, showrooms, waiting rooms, parking lots
  3. Auto Manufacturing – mechanical rooms, manufacturing areas, processing areas, offices, assembly lines
  1. Distribution & Logistics – restrooms, offices, loading docks, warehouses, storage areas
  2. Education – cafeterias, laboratories, classrooms, libraries, locker rooms
  3. Food & Beverage – packaging areas, bakeries, loading docks, breweries, mixing areas
  4. General Commercial – gyms, lobbies, churches, waiting rooms, service areas
  5. General Manufacturing – data centers, assembly lines, locker rooms, control rooms, traffic aisles
  6. Government – firehouses, barracks, offices, holding cells, commissaries
  7. Healthcare – laboratories, nurses stations, corridors, patient rooms, atriums
  1. Hospitality – retail shops, reception areas, restaurants, kitchens, bars
  2. Office Buildings – lobbies, break rooms, cafeterias, offices, parking garages
  3. Retail Environments – food prep areas, bakeries, storage areas, deli areas, retail shops
  4. Technology – inspection labs, assembly areas, data centers
  5. Transportation – bus terminals, service bays, train platforms, hangars, baggage handling areas

Seamless and decorative flooring is a lot stronger and harder than a natural concrete surface. It can withstand high foot traffic and potential damages making it very durable and long lasting. The finish can be installed with the texture that you prefer.

It can be very smooth or textured. This flooring system results in seamless flooring with no joints, regardless of the size of the project. Since it is non porous and seamless the various types of stains that land on the surface will easily to wipe off keeping your floor clean.

Seamless flooring is resistant to chemicals and acids making this style of flooring ideal for industrial premises. It significantly lessens the chances of workplace accidents occurring and damages to stock and goods. Seamless and decorative flooring can be repaired even if only some areas are damaged or worn. It can easily be repaired while maintaining its seamless integrity. Since this flooring system offers a lot of style options, you can choose the one that matches the desired trend of your project. It can instantly improve the overall beauty of your new project.

Since the surface is nonporous and seamless there is no place for dirt or bacteria to multiply and grow. This process results in clean and sleek surfaces. Seamless flooring is harmful to the environment. It also uses renewable and recyclable materials.

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