Feather Finish Floors

Feather finish flooring is becoming a top choice since it gives off a gorgeous, rustic look. It also looks unique since no two feather finish floors will ever look the same. There are many colour and style options to choose from making this flooring system highly customizable to your specific needs and preferences. If the surface has cracks, stains, uneven parts or other imperfections making polished concrete impossible, feather finish flooring is the next best option.

Feather finish flooring can be achieved by using a cement based compound. The material will then be troweled on the floor giving it a unique finish. This process will smooth ridges, joints, grooves and gaps in the floor.

A clear coating will also be applied over the top layer for added protection and improved durability. The reason why each feather finish floor is unique is that every tradesman has a different way of applying the material on the floors surface resulting in a different look for each project.

Originally this flooring system is only available in one colour, which is brown. However new techniques can create a wide range of colours. This is made possible by getting the raw product in a white base and then using oxide to mix multiple colours and therefore potentially develop as many shades of colour as possible.

Feather finish flooring works well for both residential and commercial projects. However it is now popular in commercial premises like restaurants, shops, cafes and offices. This style of finish will give your floor a natural and unique look while covering unsightly spots and areas in your old floor. This flooring system can be used for both repairing and beautifying purposes. If you want to improve undamaged flooring a feather finish will be an amazing option. Also if you want to repair your old and damaged floor a feather finish will work well as well.

Since feather finish is only 3mm high there will be little to no difference between the floors original height and that of the finished product.

Feather finish flooring can instantly turn any area into a stylish and visually appealing finish. It’s the go to flooring system when you want to give your project a major makeover.

Although feather finish flooring is commonly used for aesthetic purposes it can also serve many other purposes. One of them is touching up minor imperfections that can cause serious damages in the long run if left untreated. Feather finish flooring can also help repair old but still functional floors.

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