Polished Concrete

Applying a premium finish on a dull concrete floor can make it more durable and long lasting. Polished concrete is becoming popular for its attractive look, impressive durability and low level of maintenance. If done properly polishing concrete floors is highly beneficial, not just for residential projects but also for offices and other establishments.

The polishing process involves slowly grinding down a rough and uneven surface by using heavy duty machines. The grinding process will continue until the desired smoothness and shine of the surface is reached. The process is similar to sanding timber floors

Polished concrete is ideal for both residential and commercial projects. It specifically works wonders for private homes, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, auto showrooms, office buildings and large warehouses.

Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain compared to other floor types. You don’t have to regularly clean, scrub or wax them. One amazing quality of polished concrete is it reduces the visibility of scratches due to the matt finish that is applied. Polished concrete does not need coatings and coverings which makes it sustainable. Also the process of polishing concrete contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound), making it an environmentally friendly process.

These floors are safe for households with babies, kids or the elderly. The polishing process results in a flat, slip resistant surface. It’s a safe, non-toxic and quick way to give new life to your old floors. Instead of replacing them you will save money by polishing them. Having polished concrete reduces energy and maintenance costs.

You won’t need a lot of lighting since the finished floors are reflective. With polished concrete, maintenance jobs like stripping or waxing won’t be necessary.

If you polish your concrete floors the joints will be level which will result in a smooth surface. Natural concrete floors have a rough and uneven surface, which causes abrasion and wearing to the tires. This is why concrete polished garage and workshop floors are a great idea. Since the polishing process results in a reflective surface, you won’t need a lot of lighting. The reflective property of polished concrete floors also adds a beautiful look and enhances the overall ambiance of your home, office space or commercial premise.

The polishing process involves sealing the floor surface the floor will be protected and become dense enough to repel water, oil and other common contaminants. The sealing of the finished floor will prevent contaminants from being absorbed by the surface.

Once a rough concrete floor gets polished expect it to last for years or even decades. The polishing process results in a hardened surface that is not vulnerable to damages.

A polished concrete floor is durable enough to handle high daily foot traffic, making it perfect for offices and other projects.

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