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With a combined total of more than 20 years of experience our Gold Coast team has perfected how to provide various flooring systems for commercial, residential and industrial projects.

At Sublime Floors, we aim to provide only the safest, most cost effective and highly durable products and materials to our clients.

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Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is one of the most popular choices when it comes to flooring systems. Aside from its impressive look, it is also highly durable and can be easily maintained. The polishing process starts with using a heavy-duty machine to grind down the uneven and rough surface. The process will continue until the preferred level of shine and smoothness is achieved.

Polished concrete works best for residential projects as well as commercial areas like restaurants, hotels, retail stores, offices, warehouses and auto showrooms.

Polished concrete comes with a lot of benefits. It is easy to maintain and environmentally friendly. This flooring system produces slip resistant floors. It is also cost effective, which means you will get the maximum value for your money. Polished concrete also reduces tire wear and significantly improves the condition of your old floors. The reflective property of polished concrete will help you reduce your energy bill. The polishing process makes your floor resistant to stains like oil, water, and other common contaminants.

One of the best benefits of polished concrete is it significantly improves the durability of your floor. If completed correctly your polished concrete floor can last for decades. It is also durable enough to handle high foot traffic.

Grind and Seal

More and more clients prefer grind and seal due to its reasonable prices. Grind and seal flooring is a concrete floor where a clear coating system is installed. The finished product often looks natural and eye catching. It is an excellent alternative to polished concrete. This flooring system involves a less complex and less time-consuming process of improving floors. A highly durable sealer will be used to create a modern finish.
Grind and seal works best for huge exterior spaces of homes like garages and entertaining areas. It can also be used for various industrial and commercial spaces like animal care, food service, manufacturing, retail and warehouses.
Grind and seal flooring has a lot of benefits. It is very durable and can last for decades if the grind and seal process is done properly and the flooring is taken care of. It also costs a lot less than other flooring systems, making it the best choice if you are on a budget but would still want durable and visually appealing flooring. It is low maintenance and prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating. It is also slip and UV resistant.
Grind and seal flooring is a great choice if you want to improve how your area looks. The grind and seal process results in floors with a consistent appearance. Since the finish comes in several varieties it provides unique and a stylish visual appeal to your project.

Feather Finish Floors

Feather finish is one of the most popular flooring systems since it creates a beautiful, rustic look. One great thing about it is no two feather finish floors will look the same resulting in a completely unique look for each flooring project. Many clients prefer this style of flooring because it can be fully customized. It comes in various styles and colour options to help you pick the best one that matches your needs and preferences. Feather finish is also the next best option if polished concrete is impossible due to imperfections in the surface like stains, uneven areas and stains.

The process of giving your floor a feather finish starts by using a cement based compound. This material will be troweled on the surface to give it a completely unique finish. This process will smooth grooves, ridges, gaps and joints in the surface. You also have the option to apply a clear coating over the top layer for enhanced protection and increased durability. Feather finish flooring is always unique because every tradesman has their own technique when applying the material on the floor’s surface, giving each floor a different look.

Feather finish floors can be used for both commercial and residential areas. It is commonly used in business spaces like cafes, restaurants, shops and offices.

Feather finish flooring has a lot of benefits too. It will completely cover minor imperfections while giving your floor a unique look. It is also very versatile since it can be used for both function and beauty improvement purposes. The top layer of finish is only 3mm thick and will not affect previously installed doorways, cabinetry and skirting boards. It can also significantly improve how an area looks. It can add much needed style and character to a room or area.

Seamless and Decorative Floors

Seamless and decorative flooring is a custom product so you can match it perfectly to your specifications and preferences. It is commonly used in industrial and commercial spaces. It comes in a vast selection of colours and blends that you can choose from. This flooring system creates a surface that’s both eye catching and highly functional. It is a top choice among clients because it can make any space look so much bigger than it actually is.

Seamless and decorative flooring can be used in various commercial and industrial spaces like auto showrooms, offices, warehouses, storage areas, cafeterias, libraries, bakeries, data centers, lobbies, loading docks, churches, patient rooms, laboratories, bars, kitchens, reception areas, retail shops, parking garages, bus terminals and a lot more.

This flooring type has a lot of advantages. It is durable and long lasting. This flooring system can also be used for various surface textures. Its seamless quality makes it easy to clean and resistant to chemicals and acids. Seamless and decorative flooring is also repairable and very sanitary. It is one of the most stylish flooring types and can match any vibe or theme of your new project. Seamless and decorative flooring is also environmentally friendly.

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