Grind & Seal

Grind and seal is a popular alternative to polished concrete. One of its selling points is its affordability compared to other flooring services. It also involves a quicker process of creating a modern finish by using a highly durable sealer.

Grind and seal flooring refers to a concrete floor with an installed clear coating system. The finished product often has a natural and eye catching look.

This type of flooring is perfect to use for large exterior residential spaces like garages and entertaining areas. It also works very well for commercial and industrial projects like manufacturing, warehouses, animal care, retail and food service premises.

If properly maintained, grind and seal floors can last for years or even decades. It’s ideal for areas that are prone to various kinds of stains, like oil, grease or even animal urine. It has a chemical resistant polyurethane finish which makes stains effortless to remove from the floor. Compared to other flooring systems you can easily get rid of stains that can cause permanent damage. A high performance sealer has the same effect on how a concrete floor looks, no matter its profile. Because of this it’s perfect for clients who want a uniform look for their floor.

You can choose either a matte or glossy finish for your grind and seal floors. You can pick a finish that will match your theme or personal style.

Grind and seal floors are more affordable compared to other flooring processes. However it yields almost similar results when it comes to durability and appearance. Grind and seal floors have a completely non porous surface. Because of this quality it will not harbor bacteria, making it ideal for households with babies, kids and pets.

Wear and tear results in abrasions on your floors. The finished product of this flooring system is abrasion resistant, making it durable and last longer. Compared to other flooring systems grind and seal involves a simpler, quicker and easier process. You’ll get to enjoy your newly improved floors in no time.

During the grind and seal process you have the option to add a beading or grit to make it highly resistant to slips. This quality makes it safe for households with babies, kids and the elderly.

Unlike other flooring systems grind and seal can be used on any level of exposure of the concrete’s varying surfaces. The three types of exposure are zero exposure, partial exposure and full exposure. Since this flooring system makes surfaces easy to clean and protect from stains you don’t have to regularly do intensive cleaning processes to maintain the floor. During the grind and seal process you can choose a UV resistant finish, which is ideal for outdoor spaces.

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